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Strategic Sales Meetings​

Leads4Africa focus’s On What Is RELEVANt &
important  to your prospective customers

Lead generation is the engine of all organizations. No one understands this better than us. In an effort to take the pressure off you, we offer appointment setting services where we aim to get your foot in the door at strategic sales meetings between your sales staff and amenable prospects. This not only increases the likelihood of closing the deal but also frees you up to be more productive within your business.

Our process entails identifying and targeting prospects that maximize your marketing strategy. We then qualify the leads further in order to optimize your sales resource and nurture those leads until they are sales-ready. We then strive to deliver leads and appointments that will fill up your sales pipeline.

Appointment Setting

Initial Briefing & Objectives

We carefully ensure that the leads generated during your campaign match your initial criteria. This increases the likelihood of closing a deal during your sales meeting.

In addition, our appointment setting services offer diary management. This ensures that there’s a shorter lead time between the set-up of meetings, which takes both your sales team and prospect’s schedule into account.

We will assist you with your sales strategy in relation to your marketing plan by taking into account how your target market reacts to multiple sales approaches. 

Our experience and knowledge of how decision makers like to receive sales information will assist you in getting it right the first time round. We are here to help you set objectives that are achievable in order to empower your sales team.