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Get the most out of your sales lead generation experience with Leads4Africa.


Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions that we’ve received from business leaders, sales executives and business growth managers


What Is Included In Your Lead Generation Services?


At a fundamental level, our service includes prospecting, lead warming, and appointment setting.


You provide a brief that outlines your business, offering, and ideal customers. Our process entails identifying and targeting prospects; lead qualification, and nurturing the leads until they are sales-ready. We then strive to deliver leads and appointments that will fill up your sales pipeline.


What Does Lead Warming Mean?


Our experienced personnel are trained to open the door to sales, which includes a little pre-sales to secure the sales meeting. They will be trained according to your brief, but they don’t make the sale for you. Their goal is to book a seat for your sales representatives in front of a decision maker. To do so, they often need to explain the value that the prospect can expect out of the meeting, warming the prospect.


What Are My Responsibilities As The Client?


For a successful campaign, it is vital that we have mutually understood expectations in our business relationship. As a service provider, we will do absolutely everything in our power to deliver exceptional results. However, the results are influenced by the information we have to work with.




No-one knows your business better than you do. We trust the information you provide in the brief—especially target market criteria—is correct. The brief is the literal direction or instruction that tells us which contacts to pursue.


This doesn’t mean that you have to do all the work, though! We pride ourselves in working closely with our clients for optimal results. The more you tell us about your business and goals, the better equipped we are to share insight from over 50 years’ experience in sales and business development.




We cannot stress the importance of collaboration and communication enough. If you have concerns or are dissatisfied with the leads you are receiving, please tell us immediately. This allows us to implement corrections without losing valuable time and money.


Detailed feedback goes a long way to helping us to identify the cause of the problem faster. Think of it the same way as sending food back at a restaurant. If you say that you don’t like coriander (instead of saying that you don’t like the meal), the chef knows what to do to prepare a better dish.


How Do I Know My Brief Is Right?


If you can give a clear indication of the target market, you are seeking, and what you are hoping to achieve, we can help. We work with you to develop the brief if you have any uncertainties. We also encourage immediate feedback if you feel like the campaign is headed in the wrong direction.


Why aren’t my salespeople closing?


There are several possible answers to this question. There could be a problem with the brief; where we are chasing the wrong lead criteria. We may learn that the decision maker is incorrect. For example, the decision could lie with finance and not IT.


The final option is always contentious. If we know for sure we are reaching qualified leads, then there is a very real possibility that the sales representatives are not adequately equipped when they go into their meetings.


These are typical causes for poor sales performance:


Misunderstanding what lead generation entails. Sometimes sales expect to sign at the deal at the first meeting. Our service casts the line and lures the fish to the fly. We then hand over to sales who need to hook and reel in the fish.

Letting leads run cold. In sales, timing is everything. Salespeople that are quick off the mark to contact a new lead, who stay in contact appropriately, and follow up timeously are successful.

Lack of soft skills. This ties in closely with misunderstanding the role of lead generation. Once the lead is handed over, the active sales process begins. We place leads into the sales pipeline on your behalf. Your team will need to take over leading the prospect through the sales funnel.


What Added-Value Do You Offer?


When you work with us, you have direct access to over 50 years’ sales and business development knowledge. We share our insight readily and have a genuine interest in seeing your business success.

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