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Sales Team At Computers

Are your salespeople spending time behind their desks or in front of prospects?


It’s no secret that time is money. If your sales team are not spending their time wisely, then they losing opportunities and costing your business money.


Companies around the world are facing the same problem. Salespeople are not spending enough time living up to their title by selling.


How Your Salespeople Are Really Spending Their Time.

Numerous studies have been conducted to research how sales reps spend their time, with numbers only slightly differing across the board. The results are alarming.

Let’s take a look at the results from labs, where over 700 salespeople were surveyed, for example.

Their research revealed that sales reps only spend 36.6% of their time on revenue-generating activities, namely:

  • Prospecting
  • External customer-facing meetings
  • Customer follow-ups

The remaining 63.4% of their time is spent on administrative tasks, described as

  • Dealing with internal policies and approvals
  • Researching target accounts and contacts
  • Account planning and forecasting

How To Remedy Your Salesforce's Use Of Time

You could argue that these figures indicate that sales personnel should adopt better time management strategies, or the company could adopt sophisticated software to aid such. However, as we have seen in countless other time management studies year on year, CRM and other such tools are consistently underutilised.

Why? It’s simple. Salespeople just want to be out there doing what they do best, selling.

Research, planning, forecasting, and prospecting are eating away at valuable sales conversion time. While all of these tasks are critical to sales, are they really the best use of your top sales performers’ time?


Using The Right Resources For The Right Job


Rather than expecting your sales team to find enough time in the day to do everything, management should explore ways to allow their sales force to focus on their core function.

That’s where Leads4Africa can help! We offer a vast array of services to support all aspects of your sales function.

Not only do we have comprehensive, accurate B2B databases with thousands of pre-qualified executive business contacts, we also offer superior lead qualification, professional outbound telemarketing and strategic sales meeting appointment setting services.

We take the administrative and time-consuming burden of target profiling and cold calling off your sales team’s shoulders. Freeing up their time for sales meetings and closing.

We do more than open doors. We place your team directly in front of your wish-list decision makers.

We also offer robust analytics integration allowing you to monitor, test and refine sales processes to increase your ROI (return on investment).

Our absolute passion for helping businesses to grow and over 50 years’ combined lead generation and sales experience see us partner with our clients for long-term success. We provide the intelligence and resources to help you achieve your business goals.

We are here for you! We consult on every aspect of your sales strategy and operations. Call us today!


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