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How Small Business Enables Big Sales Within Your Organisation


Qualified sales leads are the lifeblood of every business. That’s why so many companies are turning to lead generation experts to ensure a steady flow of prospective customers.

However, when it comes to choosing the right partner to help you with your lead generation, bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better. In fact, size is often the key differentiator which sets smaller businesses apart –giving your company the upper hand.


Why Small Businesses Can Make Better Partners Than Large Corporations

Here are a few surprising benefits of partnering with SMMEs (small, medium and micro-enterprises) to generate leads for your business:

  1. Hands-on Expertise

  2. Many small business owners are experts in their field before choosing to start their company. Not only do you benefit from their vast experience, but as business-minded people, they also have an intimate understanding of your needs.

    Most entrepreneurs take a hands-on approach and believe in empowering their employees. You will find, more than not, those smaller organisations have a relatively flat structure. In light of this, whomever you are dealing with has direct access to -or has been personally mentored by- the business owner.

  3. Small Businesses Are Agile

  4. Time is of the essence when it comes to lead generation and sales. Thanks to their “flatarchy” or centralised structure, small can react faster to customer requests, queries and complaints.

    Often dealing with larger businesses involves sitting on hold for thirty minutes, only to be transferred between departments. Once you finally get hold of the right person, you wait an additional 48 hours for your query to move its way up and down the chain.

    By choosing a nimble small business, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your needs will always be dealt with promptly. Leading us to our next point, service levels.

  5. Small Businesses Provide Better, Personalised, Customer Service

  6. Small businesses go above and beyond to meet all your needs and add value to your business. It’s in the SME’s best interest to ensure that your best interests are satisfied because they want to retain you as a customer and rely on positive word of mouth for growth.

  7. Small Businesses Offer Greater Flexibility

  8. As owner-led businesses are agile and customer-centric, they tend to be far more flexible than large corporations.

    Big businesses are often fettered with rigid, bureaucratic protocols –aka, “red tape” – surrounding decision making.

    If you have a special request, for example, the application would be escalated throughout the businesses (and possibly tabled for discussion in a meeting) to find out if what you requested is possible, then work its way back before giving you an answer. All this takes precious time - with no guarantee of a favourable outcome.

    If approved, implementation (likely following the waterfall model), again, means a much longer wait for the project come to fruition. Due to this long chain of command, you’re often tied to their standard service offerings which may not align perfectly with your business goals.

    On the other hand, small, owner-led businesses can offer tailor-made solutions, without having to be approved by a board of directors. The owner has full control over decision making, speeding up the process and ensuring a more favourable outcome. By choosing a small business as your supplier, you’ll be able to develop a package which meets all of your specific business needs. The added benefit, of course, is that it is likely to happen fast!

  9. Innovation

  10. The necessity to stay ahead of the competition coupled with nimbleness and problem-solving entrepreneurial spirit catalyses break-through innovations in small businesses.

    Smaller businesses are faster in adopting more efficient methods. They are renowned for seeking out and especially developing solutions that optimise resources and lower costs. In turn, faster turn-around and economic solutions are passed on to you, the customer.

  11. The Small Business Price Advantage

  12. Small businesses are often more cost effective. Besides having lower overheads, their innovative procedures and agility are also strategic mechanisms that allowing greater output at lower rates.

    If you are part of a large organisation with a typical silo structure, this could arguably be the most beneficial point of them all. While headquarters are barking orders for your department to reach targets on a shoestring budget with little support offered, small businesses can provide the relief you need.

    Low monthly fees, without lock-in contracts, and outsourcing the specialised function of lead generation to experts will help your department to manage costs and free up your sales resources time to focus on closing more deals.

Choose A Small Business With A Proven Track Record For Success

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